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Star Icon Industry leading
Tick Icon Simple and easy to use
Square Ruler Icon Sleek design
No Trip Icon Minimal trip hazard
Ribbon Icon 10 year guarantee
Man holding Wrench Icon Installation available
British Icon British design and manufacture
Shield Icon Insurance approved – BeMoto
Paint Icon Custom colour options
Paint Brush Icon Powder coated finish
Ruler Icon Available in 4 sizes to span various widths – 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm
Padlock icon 120dB alarmed padlock

Star Icon Industry leading
Tick Icon Simple and easy to use
Square Ruler Icon Sleek design
No Trip Icon Minimal trip hazard
Ribbon Icon 10 year guarantee
Man holding Wrench Icon Installation available
British Icon British design and manufacture
Shield Icon Insurance approved – BeMoto
Paint Icon Custom colour options
Paint Brush Icon Powder coated finish
Ruler Icon Available in 4 sizes to span various widths – 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm
Padlock icon 120dB alarmed padlock


Protect Your Bike With A Shed Security Bar

The Guardsman is a completely unique shed security barrier and anchor system that offers the ultimate deterrent to would-be thieves.

The Guardsman shed security barrier is not only an impactive visual deterrent but is specifically engineered to withstand every form of attack.

The barrier is locked by the ZOVII alarmed padlock which triggers a 120dB anti-theft alarm if tampered which can be heard up to 500 metres away..

Not content with only deterring thieves from sliding bikes under, or lifting over, we have added anchor points to the posts so that bikes and other valuable machines can be shackled to them.

If someone wants to steal your bike, car, mower, boat or otherwise, they might as well book themselves into the local cop shop themselves than try to overcome all of this…

Motorbike Shed SecurityBar


The arm and locking post each sit opposite each other against the shed door frame. Taking up minimal space the Guardsman shed security lock bar is a sleek, unobtrusive piece of kit that minimises trip hazards and maximises shed floor space. The telescopic arm glides and locks into position within seconds forming a physical barrier between the outside world and your personal possessions giving you total peace of mind when you’re out and about.


  • Independently tested and approved.
  • Insurance approved – BeMoto insurance discount.
  • 10-year personal guarantee.
  • British design and manufacture – made bespoke for you.
  • The ultimate shed door security system gives you total peace of mind.


  1. Make your Guardsman shed lock bar purchase. Decide on anchor points, accessories, install or delivery.
  2. Image4Security will then contact you asking for some measurements and pictures of your shed.
  3. Image4Security will then decide whether any adjustments need to be made to your Guardsman. This will be completed free of charge.
  4. Image4Security will then manufacture your Guardsman shed barrier.
  5. Once complete Image4Security will then agree a convenient install date or arrange for your Guardsman to be delivered. We aim to complete delivery/install within 3/4 weeks from the date of purchase.


Midnight black with nylon coating which gives a robust, long lasting finish.


All fixings along with instructions and video are included in the purchase.

Once you’ve placed your order we will ensure the correct fixings are included in your delivery to cover wooden door frames, concrete or brick buildings and even metal frames.


Image4 Security Install: Let us take the hassle out of the job. Our expert team of installers will liaise with you to arrange a convenient date and time for installation for your shed security bar within 20 working days from the date of purchase. All we ask is that you clear a 1-metre radius around your chosen location and leave the rest to us.

Customer Install: Intermediate DIY skills are needed for the successful installation of your Guardsman shed security barrier. We do supply the full fixings kit as well as installation instructions and step by step install video.


Stainless steel tubing and 40×40 steel box section.


  • Width choose from 900, 1200, 1500, 1800mm.
  • Height of barrier in locked position (floor to top of barrier when locked) 700mm.
  • Height of barrier in unlocked position (floor to top of barrier when unlocked) 1800mm.
  • Width of Arm head 90mm.

guardsman accessories:

Guardsman Chain Anchor Point:

For that extra layer of security why not add a Guardsman chain anchor point to one or both of your Guardsman posts. This allows you to secure your bike wheel or any other object, using a chain and padlock, to the anchor.

The anchor itself has a diameter opening of 60mm and is 12mm in thickness. It is secured at the base of your post using two bolts with ball bearings in the heads.

The Guardsman chain anchor point can be easily retro fitted to your Guardsman security barrier if your circumstances change in the future.

Guardsman Security Barrier Alarm System:

Add that extra layer of security with the Guardsman alarm system.

The alarm system uses a vibration sensor which is housed in the protective secure mounting which is fixed to the front of the locking post leg. If someone tampers with your Guardsman barrier arm, this will trigger the vibration sensor and activate the 130dB battery powered siren which will be fixed into your shed roof. The alarm hub will then secretly call up to 3 pre-programmed phone numbers alerting you to the disturbance.

The alarm system comprises of a battery powered hub and vibration sensor enclosed in a protective secure mounting. 1 x 130dB battery powered siren and 2 x battery powered key fobs. SIM card and batteries also included.

Additional sensors also available: PIR, Door Sensor, Additional Key Fobs and Sirens can also be added. The hub can have up to 20 active sensors programmed into it at any one time.

Sleep better at night with the ultimate garage security system.

Guardsman Security Chain:

The Guardsman security chain is made from hardened, 80% carbon steel which makes it incredibly resistant to grinder attack. The chain is impervious to HSS hacksaw attacks and the 16 and 20mm cannot be bolt cropped by hand. It has been fully through hardened making it the best security chain range on the market.

The perfect additional layer to protect your pride and joy.


‘The best shed security device out there. I do sleep better at night knowing I have a Guardsman in place’

‘The Guardsman barrier fits neatly against my shed frame, out of the way. Really simple and easy to use.’

‘Great piece of kit. Really well made and solid. The alarmed lock does exactly what it says its going to do and my gosh its loud. If anyone sticks around with that thing going off, they be stupid.’

‘It’s a nice feeling knowing my shed has a product like this protecting my bike! It looks really good too! I bought the ground anchor one, so my bike is chained to it also!! Really happy!!

Patent Pending GB1914471.6

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Weight15 kg
Installation ( £120 + £0.50 / mi)

Delivery and Installation, Delivery Only (Free)

No, it wouldn’t survive a grinder attack. But nor would any other security device. The reality is that a grinder will cut through any material regardless of thickness, molecular structure, hardness and any other claims. Unfortunately, the grinder is king when it comes to cutting security devices of any sort. In our experience and research, this isn’t something openly expressed by anyone within the security sector, possibly because of the lower-than-expected times it actually takes to cut through objects with a grinder. Having said that, the grinder does make an awful lot of noise and it does take time to cut through any device, especially the Guardsman shed barrier, as it’s made from high grade stainless steel across its barrier arm, it’s commonly presumed, weakest point. We don’t claim to be indestructible; no object is. If the thief wants something, they will find a way of getting it. With the Guardsman shed barrier there are a much-reduced number of possible attack points and possible tools to be used due to the design. You also have an additional layer/s (anchor point) of security which is simple and easy to use which the thief has to beat in order to take your pride and joy. The more layers you can have, the better chance you have of keeping your bike.
The ZOVII padlock securing the Guardsman shed security barrier uses a motion sensor to detect tampering. If someone were to disturb the barrier arm then the sensor would detect the motion and trigger the 120dB alarm built into the padlock. In order for this sequence to work the padlock must be successfully alarmed and set listening for the beeps as an indicator. Please refer to the user instruction manual for more details.
We have 4 widths available. These will stretch a shed door opening of: 900, 1200, 1500, 1800mm. If you are unsure, please get in contact and we will be happy to help.
The Guardsman shed security barrier comes in Midnight black as standard. If you would like a custom colour please get in touch.
The only required maintenance for the Guardsman shed security barrier is to keep the barrier arm clean and free from dust and debris. We recommend for optimal performance cleaning this once every 2 weeks. If your garage is particularly dusty increase this frequency to suit. We also recommend on a 3-month basis, lubricating the arm tubes with a spray of WD40 silicone spray. This is to ensure the tubes are well lubricated for a smooth action.
The Guardsman shed security barrier is very simple and easy to install for the competent DIY’er. Included in your purchase is a full set of instructions, installation step by step video and all fixings for a wooden shed. The installation should take no longer than an hour.
Yes absolutely – unlock the Guardsman shed security barrier and proceed to remove the fixings.
The tools required are: Drill and bits: 3mm for pilot hole TORX 25 Bit Allan key – 4 and 5mm Spirit Level Pencil
Yes, no problem at all. Simply select ‘delivery and installation’ when making your purchase on our website and our team of expert installers will be out with you within 3-4 weeks from date of order to install your barrier.
The shed Guardsman is fixed on 3 different plains (the floor, the front face of your door frame and the side face of your door frame) making the barrier extremely solid. Therefore, any tampering of the barrier arm will disturb the ZOVII alarmed padlock, trigger the 120dB alarm which shrieks up to 500 meters away. The barrier arm sits 640mm from the shed floor to the underside of the barrier arm. This physical barrier will stop any large items from being removed from your shed.
The Guardsman shed barrier typically fixes to the wooden shed door frame. Two posts, the locking post and arm post, of 40mm width attach to the frame with the head protruding from the post 65mm.
The Guardsman shed barrier has been designed to take up minimal shed space whilst still delivering maximum security. When the barrier is unlocked the gas strut takes the barrier arm up and totally out of the way of the door opening, sitting in the vertical position.
This would depend on the pier widths you have available on the inside of your metal shed as well as whether there were any fixings points, we could secure to. Please get in touch with us to discuss this further.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
james heaton

I took delivery of the shed barrier today. Within half an hour it was fitted and in another 10 minutes or so I had set up the padlock. It is easy to fit, the instructions are good and the YouTube video very helpful. More importantly it is very robust and easy to use. I can't see anybody breaking through this in a hurry. I can recommend it as a very good security measure.


The guys at Image4Security were fantastic when I had an issue with the lock to my Guardsman.
Not only did they replace the lock for free but they also upgraded my barrier to their newest model (free of charge! just for being one of their early customers).
We chatted about their products and it became clear that they are constantly improving their range of products.
Would recommend them to anyone who is security conscious.

Many thanks, guys.


I am happy with the new barrier. It was fitted swiftly and with no mess. I didn't go out to buy anything like this big but I saw it at a bike show and though it was a brilliant idea.

Keith H
Great Product

A great product, well made and easy to install.

Stephen L.

Very well made. I had the team install it, to ensure it was properly aligned. They had it done in an hour. All fixtures are protected against tampering. The lock itself has a 120dB alarm if rattled, with the option of a notification to a smartphone, if you have wifi that will reach your shed and download the app. Very happy with it!

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