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Our silver security package offers a fantastic entry level of security for securing your motorbike. The package combines Datatool’s DNA marking kit with Image4Security’s ZD10 alarmed disc lock and cable reminder. The ZD10 alarmed disc lock provides top end security featuring an 120dB anti-tamper alarm and 10mm carbide-reinforced steel locking pin. If your bike is disturbed by a would-be thief the shriek from the alarm can be heard up to 500 metres away which will notify you, or passers-by to the disturbance and scare off the thief.

The cable reminder is a stretchy retractable plastic loop which helps to prevent you forgetting that your disc lock is still locked on to your bike’s brake disc before setting out for a ride.

If the worst were to happen the DNA marking kit provides the police with proof of ownership and makes it virtually impossible for thieves to sell on your pride and joy safely. It works by brushing thousands of microdots, which hold unique codes, onto various locations of your motorbike which can only be detected by a UV light and magnifying device, as used by the authorities.  These unique codes are stored on Datatool’s secure database which can be accessed by the police for fast and efficient recovery.

Silver Security Bundle:

1 x Datatool DNA Marking Kit

1 x ZOVII ZD10 Alarmed Disc Lock

1 x ZOVII ZRC Cable Reminder

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