ZOVII ZD10 Alarmed Disc Lock


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Siren Icon 120dB alarm
Padlock Icon 10mm carbide reinforced double locking pin
Waterproof Icon Weatherproof electronics
Padlock Icon Push down locking system
Strength Icon Solid steel body construction

ZOVII ZD10 Alarmed Disc Lock

The ZD10 Disc Lock provides top end security. It features an anti-theft security alarm, a carbide-reinforced steel locking pin with a double locking mechanism, providing higher resistant to cutting, sawing and corrosion and is housed in a weatherproof alloy casing. The 120dB alarm can be heard over 500 meters away.

Florescent green in colour.

About the ZOVII Alarmed Series

If your ZOVII alarmed padlock is tampered with by the would-be thief the vibration sensor built into the lock housing will be triggered. The alarm will then issue a series of warning beeps to the thief. If the thief continues to tamper with the lock the full 120dB alarm will be triggered.

If your ZOVII alarmed disc lock is away from your home, say you have gone to the shops and taken your lock with you, the 120dB alarm will still be triggered if the lock is tampered with.

The built-in ZOVII disc lock alarm is 120dB loud and can be heard up to 500 meters away.

Each ZOVII lock is supplied with 3 keys and 1 coded tag for replacement purposes. The battery is a standard CR2 Lithium battery and last between 6-9 months depending on use.

Common set-up mistakes:

    1. Ensure the clear cellophane on the battery is removed before inserting. When the battery is successfully inserted in to the device a loud shriek will be heard.
    2. Ensure the battery is inserted correctly into the battery housing of the lock.
    3. Listen for the beeps of the alarm to set and unset the alarm. One beep sets the alarm and two unsets it.

As Featured In:

Weight1.0 kg
The ZD10 alarmed disc lock is compatible with the vast majority of brake discs.
The locking pin of the ZD10 alarmed disc lock is a 10mm carbide reinforced steel locking pin and has a double locking mechanism for extra security providing higher resistance to cutting, sawing and corrosion.
The 10mm locking pin of the ZD10 alarmed disc lock is made from carbide reinforced steel making it incredibly tough and strong.
The ZD10 alarmed disc lock attaches to the disc brake of the motorbike and prevents the bike from being pushed away by physically stopping the wheel from rotating.
The ZD10 alarmed disc lock is available in florescent green.
The ZD10 alarmed disc locking body is made from solid steel and has a waterproof alloy casing allowing this lock to be used anywhere. All internal electronics are also weatherproofed by plastic and rubber seals.
The ZD10 alarmed disc lock locking body is made from solid steel and has a waterproof alloy casing allowing this lock to be used anywhere
Yes, the ZD10 alarmed disc lock has an ice proof solid steel body.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Giles Baum
Good bike alarm

This seems to be a decent disc alarm. Works well & is very loud!

Keith Boghurst
Initial opinion

I found that there appeared to be minimal instructions on how to fit the battery apart from a small diagram. Naturally the battery has to be made so it can only be accessed by the key but could be improved.
However it certainly has a loud alarm and is relatively light and compact.

Bike disc lock

Look amazing and the alarm is loud, easy to use on bike , great product, thanks zovii

Jason Brooker

Very pleased with this security lock, met some of the guys at a bike show,
Good bunch of lads,
Ill certainly be making more purchases

Alex Vasiliu

Awesome disk lock, but big pin for my disk. I understand that is a safety future. Overall I’m happy for my choice.

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