ZOVII ZPL10 Alarmed Padlock


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Tick Icon 10mm stainless steel shackle
Siren Icon 120db anti tamper alarm – can be heard 500 meters away
Padlock Icon Easy push locking mechanism
Carbon Icon Anti rust construction
Waterproof Icon Fully waterproof IP67
Chain Icon Can be used with a chain up to 20mm in diameter

ZOVII Alarmed Security Padlock.

The ZOVII ZPL10 is the first 10mm Padlock in the UK featuring a built-in Anti Theft 120dB Alarm.


The padlock features a solid zinc alloy body with 10mm stainless steel, high precision shackle. The easy push locking design allows you to lock the padlock at ease. All aspects of the lock have been made from anti-rust materials and all internal electronics are fully waterproofed (IP67). The ZPL10 can truly be used anywhere it is needed without compromise.

It can also double up as a disc lock if you’re out and about.

The ZOVII ZPL10 alarmed padlock can be used in conjunction with a security chain up to 20mm in link diameter for maximum security.

Anti-Theft Alarm:

The ZPL10 has an anti-theft security alarm built into it’s design which gives a massive 120dB shriek when disturbed or tampered with. This can can be heard up to 500 metres away. If this doesn’t deter the criminal nothing will.


This security padlock combines physical, high strength security, an ear strikingly loud anti-theft alarm with smart connectivity to deliver the ultimate security solution – giving you total peace of mind.

Sleep easy at night knowing the ZOVII Alarmed Series has got you protected.


  • Height: 63.5 mm
  • Length: 63.5 mm
  • Weight: 490 g
  • Shackle Diameter: 10 mm can take a chain up to 20 mm in diameter
  • Keys Supplied: 3 keys + 1 coded tag for replacement
  • Battery: CR2 Lithium battery (typical life span 8 months)
Weight1.0 kg
If your Zovii alarmed padlock is tampered with by the would-be thief the vibration sensor built into the lock housing will be triggered. The alarm will then issue a series of warning beeps to the thief. If the thief continues to tamper with the lock the full 120dB alarm will be triggered.
If your Zovii alarmed padlock is away from your home, say you have gone to the shops and taken your lock with you, the 120dB alarm will still be triggered if the lock is tampered with.
The built-in Zovii padlock alarm is 120dB loud and can be heard up to 500 meters away.
Yes, the Zovii alarmed padlock is set by turning the key in the lock and listening for the beeps. One beep means the alarm is set. Two beeps mean the alarm is un-set. Therefore, you can secure your Zovii alarmed padlock without setting the alarm.
Set up of the Zovii alarmed padlock is simple. Remove the plastic around the CR2 Lithium battery. Then follow the instructions to locate the battery compartment. Insert the battery ensuring it is the correct way around. Once inserted the alarm will make a sharp beep noise. Be sure to replace any waterproofing casing before using the lock.
The battery is a standard CR2 Lithium battery and last between 6-9 months depending on use.
These are standard CR2 Lithium batteries available from most supermarkets and cost in the region of £3 - £5.
Yes, all our ZOVII alarmed range of locks are all waterproof to IP67 rating. They can truly be used anywhere without compromise.
Each ZOVII lock is supplied with 3 keys and 1 coded tag for replacement purposes.
Your keys are supplied with a unique key tag with a key number embossed on it. If you have this unique key number replacement keys can be ordered. Please contact us and we will arrange this on your behalf. A small charge will apply.
a. Ensure the clear cellophane on the battery is removed before inserting. When the battery is successfully inserted in to the device a loud shriek will be heard. b. Ensure the battery is inserted correctly into the battery housing of the lock. c. Listen for the beeps of the alarm to set and unset the alarm. One beep sets the alarm and two unsets it.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
John G
Great Lock

Does what is says. Connects to my phone easyily and sends through messages. Peace of mind.

Very Loud Alarm

What a great lock with smart app. Extremely loud alarm, can be heard a mile off.

Tom G
Smart piece of kit

The alarm and message function are ideal when away from the home for that peace of mind. Also great using the lock when out and about as the alarm still works. Very loud.

Does the job

Smart technology with a really loud built in alarm. Definitely loud enough to wake the neighbours up.

Greg F
Brill Lock

Total peace of mind. Large enough to fit my 20mm chain.

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