ZOVII ZVS14 Disc Lock


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Tick Icon Art 4224
Strength Icon 14mm carbide reinforced locking pin
Padlock Icon Double locking mechanism
Weather Icon Weatherproof stainless steel casing

ZOVII ZVS14 Disc Lock.

The ZVS14 disc lock is designed for top level security. It features a 14mm carbide reinforced locking pin with a double lock mechanism, housed in a weatherproof stainless steel casing. Great for when you are out and about.

ART 4224 accredited. Stainless Steel in colour.

Weight0.6 kg
The ZVS14 disc lock locking pin is 14mm in diameter.
The ZVS14 disc lock locking pin is made from carbide reinforced steel making it incredibly tough and strong.
The locking body of the ZVS14 disc lock is made from stainless steel.
The ZVS14 disc lock features a double locking mechanism which makes it even stronger against attack.
The ZVS14 disc lock has an ART 4224 accreditation.
The ZVS14 disc lock will fit the vast majority of brake discs.
The ZVS14 disc lock attaches to the disc brake of the motorbike and prevents the bike from being pushed away by physically stopping the wheel from rotating.
Yes, the ZVS14 disc lock is fully weatherproof. This is helped by the stainless-steel lock body.
The ZVS14 disc lock is available in a silver stainless steel colour. The chain comes in a stylish, sleek soft cover, perfect for preventing scratches.
Yes, the Zovii chain is as good for protecting bicycles as it is for motorcycles.

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Julian Francis
Satisfied customer

Hi quality lock made with premium materials
Premier league, simple as that.

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